Mint. Mod. Earn. Sell.

Cryptodate is a novel NFT platform composed of 36,525 dates, each day between 1950 to 2049. Each date is an on-chain NFT.
Beyond NFT ownership, each date yields Cryptodate tokens (CDT), a governance and utility token.
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Mint Memories, Memes, & More

Once you own a Cryptodate, you have the ability to modify the NFT's image with your own, perfect for capturing a cherished memory, a culture-shaping meme, or anything else.

The date itself is manifested on-chain, irrevocably stamped into the blockchain. For example, January 2, 2001 is represented as 20010102. Cryptodates have inherent on-chain scarcity: only one address will own each date.

With Every Cryptodate, You Receive:

Date NFT

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At the core of Cryptodate is our date-based, on-chain NFTs.

Each date is only represented once on the blockchain, and once minted, is completely malleable and customizable by the owner. Only one address will own each date, providing inherent scarcity and ensuring every Cryptodate is unique.


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NFT owners are granted Cryptodate tokens (CDT).

Baked directly into the contract itself, Cryptodate holders are rewarded with CDT, a governance/utility token, no staking required. As more Cryptodates are minted, the value of CDT increases, giving extra value to early adopters.


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Built For Seamless Trading

Once you own a Cryptodate, you can seamlessly sell the date using our primary marketplace, or trade your asset on a variety of secondary marketplaces.

DEFI Powered

Every Cryptodate you own rewards you with Cryptodate Tokens (CDT). CDT are rewarded instantly to any Cryptodate owner, and is baked into the NFT contract itself.

No staking is needed to earn your CDT, but more rewards can be earned through farms and pools.

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Governed & Inspired By Our Community

Cryptodate is a community governed platform that puts our members first. Our platform is directly influenced by the community, who has voting power associated with their holding of CDT Tokens through From app features, to influencing default NFT artwork, to helping steer our long-term roadmap, our community is directly involved with our growth, and is what drives us to continue pushing Crytodate to new heights.

A Platform Built to Last

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Open Source, Audited,

All our smart contracts are open sourced, audited by Solidity Finance and verified by Etherscan or equivalent block explorers.

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OG. Ethereum

The initial Cryptodate contract was released on Ethereum on June 24, 2018. As such, Cryptodates on Ethereum are a historical NFT.

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Bringing DEFI to

The platform issues its governance token, CDT, to any owners of a cryptodate without the need for staking. Additional rewards can be earned through farms and pools.

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It's a Multi-Chain

Cryptodate is on Ethereum as well as other layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains.