September 2021

  • Commission exclusive leap day art
  • Commission zodiac art for limit edition NFTs
  • Commission initial art for holidays
  • Commission dynamic svg templates
  • Public beta

October 2021

  • Launch of new smart contracts to production blockchains (Polygon and BSC)
  • Launch of production dapp at
  • Fair launch of CDT token locked in smart contracts to be earned by users of the system
  • Listings on secondary marketplaces

November 2021

  • Launch of proxy contracts and farms on ethereum

Winter 2021

  • Commission more art
  • Explore generative art recipes

Spring 2022

  • Implement system for allowing owners of an NFT to override default art
  • Add first party marketplace using 0x Protocol

Summer/Fall 2022

  • Add ancillary smart contracts for issuing packs and providing other incentives to club members
  • Transition all assets to IPFS or similar decentralized servers
  • Implement club system for different clubs based on ownership of specific dates