image-right The generative Christmas tree collection contains 6oo unique trees across 6 different blockchains. Each tree has unique DNA generated from its date and blockchain that determines the color and traits of the tree. The possible traits of each tree are

  • garland
  • gifts
  • lights
  • star
  • ornaments

You can use an interactive rarity tool to find rarer trees to mint, or explore the data below to learn more about the distributions.

Rarity Chart

The most important factor determining the rarity of a tree is the number of traits the tree has. Here is how that breaks down across the 600 trees:

# of Traits # of Trees Percentage
0 23 3.8%
1 106 17.6%
2 209 34.8%
3 172 28.6%
4 83 13.8%
5 7 1.1%
  600 100%

As such, trees with all five traits are the rarest and trees with no traits are the second rarest. Trees with two traits are the most common.

As far as the traits themselves, the distribution breaks down as follows:

Trait # of Trees Percentage
garland 238 39.6%
ornaments 351 58.5%
lights 364 60.6%
star 221 36.8%
gifts 233 38.8%

The breakdown is closely distributed, although tress with ornaments and lights tend to be more common. Note that the total is not 100% because each tree (usually) has more than one trait.

The interactive rarity tool can be used to find and mint trees based on traits.