Total Possible Supply Of Cryptodate NFTs

There are 100 years of NFTs available. Accounting for leap years, the total possible number of cryptodate NFTs that can be minted is 36,525 NFTs.

(366 * 25) + (365 * 75) = 36,525

Type Price Supply Formula Comment
Limited Base Price * 10 1,225 Each day that matches month plus leap days When the number of the day and month match, e.g. Mar 3, April 4, etc.
Standard Base Price 35,300 All remaining days From Jan 1 1950 to Dec 31 2049, excluding the dates above
Total   36,525 All days From Jan 1 1950 to Dec 31 2049

Price of Cryptodate NFTs

The initial base price of a cryptodate will be set at launch. This base price may change as the market determines the floor. The current base price can always be found by querying the smart contract.

There is an ability to change the base price through governance. The long term plan is to fix the base price and renounce the ability to change it forever.

Cryptodate Token (CDT) Distribution

The initial value of CDT will be set to mimic 1 USD. However, this is not a peg and fluctuate with supply/demand of cryptodates.

CDT will be fair launched and the 90% of CDT tokens will be locked in smart contracts to be earned by users of the system. The distribution of CDT has been designed such that sufficient CDT is available for the purpose of minting rewards, ownership rewards and liquidity provisioning.

Purpose Number of Tokens Percent Location Comment  
Minting & Ownership Rewards 12,000,000 40% Locked in NFT smart contract Sufficient for minting rewards and ownership rewards of 100 CDT per NFT for 3 years.  
Liquidity Provisioning 6,000,000 20% Locked in NFT smart contract Sufficient to supply AMM liquidity pool upon minting NFTs.  
Staking & Liquidity Rewards 6,000,000 20% Locked in staking smart contracts Sufficient for multiple reward periods to incentivize holding CDT.  
CDT AMM Liquidity Pool 3,000,000 10% Locked in AMM smart contract Sufficient to provide liquidity for CDT trading.  
Art Fund 3,000,000 10% Treasury Used to commission more art.  
Total 30,000,000 100%